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Technology for Better Patient Care

Our periodontal practice utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technologies to ensure all of our patients receive a very high level of care. Whether you need an oral evaluation, implant dentistry procedures, or other advanced dental treatments, you can expect to receive exceptional services using the latest technologies and techniques in dentistry. Become a patient of our practice and receive a completely personalized and customized treatment plan that addresses all of your oral health needs.


The PerioLase® MVP-7™ is the only FDA-approved laser for gum disease treatment. We use this technology to perform the LANAP® and LAPIP® protocols for patients and can effectively treat gum disease and infected tissue surrounding implants without performing extensive surgery. We have invested in this technology to ensure our patients are more comfortable throughout treatment.

3D Cone Beam

CT Scans and Cone Beam Imaging systems generate 3D, high definition x-rays within seconds. The panoramic images are remarkably clear, which helps with diagnosing and treating dental ailments. These scans allow us to quickly assess your dental needs and get you back out enjoying your life in less time than you might expect from traditional imaging equipment. Unlike traditional x-ray systems, the Cone Beam system produces a very low dose of radiation, thus reducing unnecessary exposure.


This scanner now allows us to make impressions of our patients mouths without having to use messy and goopy alginate material.  The end results are models with significantly higher accuracy and almost completely eliminates the need for impression retakes.  According to patients it is much more comfortable than traditional impression techniques and is great for patients with a high gag reflex.  It also allows for the highest accuracy in implant treatment planning because it merges the data of the CBCT scan with the intra-oral scan and then we can make surgical guides from that.

Bone Morphogenetic Protein

Bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP-2) is already present in the human body and can promote the growth of new bone. If you need to undergo a bone grafting procedure before receiving dental implants or to restore the jaw bone, we may use BMP-2 as part of your treatment plan.


We may perform this procedure when we need to modify the jaw bone so that there is enough hard tissue available to support an implant. This is an innovative system that uses ultrasonic micro-vibrations to advance through the bone without damaging soft tissues

Plasma Rich in Growth Factors

Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF) is a plasma rich protein derived from blood and can be used as part of a bone or soft tissue regeneration procedure. It is a safe and effective treatment option for many patients undergoing a grafting procedure.

Digital X-Rays

We make use of the diagnostic abilities of digital x-rays so that we can obtain high quality images of your mouth and jaw within seconds. The digital x-ray system emits far less radiation than film based imaging systems and provides a better patient experience overall.

MI Paste Plus

Patients with extreme tooth sensitivity due to exposed roots or other oral health problems can use MI Paste Plus. We may recommend applying this product several times a day to reduce tooth sensitivity when eating certain types of food or drinking hot and cold beverages.

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera allows us to take photographs of the mouth and review images almost instantly on a computer monitor. This is one of the best ways to diagnose dental problems and obtain an accurate view of your oral health.

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