Our Philosophy

You'll notice the difference right away.

We Understand You

All meaningful relationships start with real understanding. We believe that until we really get to know you, we haven’t earned the right to make recommendations. With this in mind, Dr. Souyias take the time to talk to each patient in an effort to get to know you, your expectations and your concerns. This is followed by a very thorough examination that includes a cancer screening and over 27 different aspects of oral health being examined. Finally, we educate you in a manner that empowers you to make confident decisions regarding your oral health.

Our Passion

Every member of our staff is dedicated to ensuring you have the best experience possible. Our doctors and staff are sincere, respectful and informative. From your first phone call and throughout your visit, you will feel as though everything was designed to make your experience a pleasure. That’s because it was.

Our Expertise

We are good at what we do. Dr. Souyias is considered among the best trained, most experienced and best staffed periodontists and dental implant surgeons in Southeastern Michigan. In fact, we train other doctors and often fix other’s implant problems, so why not have it done the right way from the beginning?

Our Technology

The right technology means more accurate diagnosis, better treatments and faster recovery. Our investment in technology is another way to provide our patients with the best experience possible and show we care. Our technology includes: 3D CT scanning, digital radiographs, PerioLase MVP-7 and digital photography.

Authentic & Satisfied.
Patient Outcomes.